1000 most important Russian nouns 801 - 850

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лекарство, медицина
Local community is very closed and new people are not welcome.
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Местное сообщество очень закрыто и новые люди не приветствуются.
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I like spring because of singing birds.
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Мне нравится весна из-за поющих птиц.
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Learning Russian with VocApp

VocApp is a great platform to learn Russian! Our method is very effective and it makes learning Russian fast and fun! The flashcards will present you Russian words, the Russian nouns of this lesson, along with their translations, pictures that represent them and of course, the Russian pronunciation. Our Spaced Repetition System can assure you will repeat all the difficult Russian words, in this case the Russian nouns so that you remember them forever! There are many great Russian resources we've prepared for you, so don't hesitate to start learning Russian!

Russian nouns

This Russian lesson includes the most important Russian nouns. This common nouns list will be super useful! All of the most used Russian nouns are included in our list of common nouns. The Russian nouns will be the base of your Russian vocabulary. These Russian nouns will help you express yourself by forming your own sentences. Here are some examples of Russian nouns you will learn with this lesson:
  • 1. общение = communication
  • 2. оборудование = equipment
  • 3. строительство = construction
  • 4. сочетание = combination
  • 5. стратегия = strategy
Master this nouns list and continue learning Russian on a more advanced level! Use this noun words list to impress the natives during your next trip to Russia!

Want to learn more than just the Russian nouns?

Everything is prepared on our site! Explore it in order to find fun Russian lessons and great-quality Russian courses created by many users and our professional linguists, that really want to help you with learning Russian. Master this lesson of Russian nouns and continue conquering Russian with VocApp! Hint: We have special courses on Russian verbs and adjectives that will complete your Russian vocabulary: Russian Words: Top 500 Verbs and Russian Words: Top 300 Adjectives. Learn Russian with VocApp to remember the new words forever!

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