1000 most important Romanian nouns 1 - 50

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Our volunteer organization started from a small group of people.
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la fel: un număr de oameni sau lucruri clasificate împreună;
Organizația noastră de voluntari a început de la un grup mic de oameni.



The territory of Texas was controlled by Mexico until 1836.
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Teritoriul Texasului a fost controlat de Mexic până în 1836.

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Learning languages

Speaking foreign languages has become an important part of the lives of millions of people. This online course introduces you to the main Romanian words that will help you enrich your vocabulary and express yourself in different situations.

About the country

The country as its language is popular due to the accessibility of education. Thousands of foreign students pick Romania as the country where they want to obtain an Europe-and-beyong recognized diploma.

Romanian language

Spoken by 26 million people worldwide, this language will give you access to the East European cultures that impress with old history and traditions. It is 77% lexically similar to Italian, 75% to French, 72% to Portuguese, and 71% to Spanish, which speaks about its interculturality and use for learners. Our app will assure your easy and effective learning, while the interactive flashcards will help you memorize all the words.

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