Writing wskazówki opisywania osoby

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1. opis osoby-wskazówki
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1. description /clues
2. What's your friend's name
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Her name/his name is
3. How old is she/he?
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3. He is...... years old/She is........ years old
4. where did you meet?
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4. We met at the party/at the cinema/at shop
5. How did you meet?
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5. I was doing shopping/I was dancing/I was talking with my friend
6. when did you meet?
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6. We met yesterday, on Monday...
7. What does she look like?
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7. She is tall, slim. She has got dark, long hair, blue eyes...
8. What kind of personality does she have?
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8. She is nice, friendly and cheerful
9. Are you and your friend similar or diffrent?
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9. We are diffrent because she is sociable and I prefer staying at home

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