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long, upright pieces of wood or metal that houses may be built on
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In some tropical countries people build houses on stilts.
niezwykły, nieprzeciętny
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out of the ordinary
Opp.: ordinary
To have a house on the moon would certainly be out of the ordinary.
the main tower of a castle where people used to live
stołp (centralna wieża w średniowiecznym zamku lub grodzie)
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The Baron de Vere and his family lived in the keep.
a deep, wide channel dug round a castle and filled with water, to protect it from an attack
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The deep moat made an escape from the castle impossible.
no longer have enough of sth
zabraknąć, brakować
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become short of sth
We have become short of time to relax in our busy modern lives.
a kind of evergreen tree
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Pine, fir and spruce trees were dotted around the alpine landscape.
create, establish
założyć, utworzyć
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set up
A shelter for homeless people was set up.
machine for increasing moisture in air
nawilżacz powietrza
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Air conditioning dries the air, so invest in a humidifier, too.
(of doors) moving slightly together rather than swinging on hinges
(o drzwiach) rozsuwany, przesuwny
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Be careful not to catch your fingers in the sliding door.
force sb to leave the place they are living in because they have broken the contract or a law
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Der.: eviction (n)
He was evicted for non-payment of rent.
a period of time when the electricity supply to a building or area is stopped
przerwa w dostawie prądu
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power cut
A fault at the generating plant caused power cuts in many areas of the city.
used to sth
przyzwyczajony do czegoś
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accustomed to sth
I’m afraid that Gary is a spoilt child who has become accustomed to getting his own way.
a group of people who are carefully paying attention to what is happening at a particular place
grupa patrolowa
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watch group
A neighbourhood watch group was set up to discourage street crime and burglaries.
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Opp.: unoccupied
The old house is occupied by an elderly couple.
be inexperienced
byç ˝ółtodziobem
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be green
Like all new recruits, he was green and didn’t know what to do.
untrue statement made so as not to hurt sb’s feelings or get into trouble
niewinne kłamstwo
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a white lie
I thought her hat was ridiculous but told a white lie so as not to upset her.
in writing, typed or written
czarno na białym, na piśmie
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in black and white
I want to see the contract in black and white.
go out and do things, especially after being ill
wychodzić, prowadzić normalny tryb życia po chorobie
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be out and about
It wasn’t long after her operation that Pamela was out and about again.
resolve problems or disagreements
oczyścić atmosferę
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clear the air
Tell me what’s bothering you so that we can clear the air.
disappear completely
wyparować, zniknąć bez śladu
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vanish into thin air
The man the police were looking for simply vanished into thin air.

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