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a party you give for your friends when you have just moved to a new house
pierwsze przyjęcie w nowym domu lub mieszkaniu (tzw. parapetówa)
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house warming
Der.: house-warming (adj)
I had to miss Mandy’s house warming; I had no money to buy her a proper present.
the time when a worker leaves his job and stops working completely
emerytura; przejście na emeryturę
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The man had to postpone his retirement because there was nobody to replace him.
date which is remembered or celebrated because a special event happened on that date in a previous year
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The whole family was invited to a party to celebrate Ethel and James’s 25thwedding anniversary.
happening soon
nadchodzący, rychły
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The forthcoming days and weeks will determine the future of the company.
really meaning what one says
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Der.: sincerely (adv), sincerity (n)
The charity sent out sincere thanks to the public for all the help it had received for the victims of the famine.
having warm feelings towards sb, wishing to thank sb
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The two sailors expressed their feelings of gratitude to the rescuers who had risked their lives to save them.
management, a group of people who control a company or organisation
rada, zarząd
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A meeting of the board of directors was called because the chairman had suddenly died.
the person who has the second position of importance in an organisation
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The vice-president toured the new factory and congratulated the workers on doing such a fine job.
a goal, an aim, sth that sb is trying to achieve
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As part of a survey to determine their strengths and weaknesses, the students were asked to make a list of their objectives.
a decision to try very hard to do sth
postanowienie, stanowcza decyzja
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When the bill arrived, she made a resolution never to use her credit card again.
a nation’s official song which is played or sung on public occasions
hymn narodowy
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national anthem
The winning team stood proudly to attention as their national anthem was played.
to make great effort to do or get sth
dążyć do czegoś, walczyć, starać się o coś
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strive for sth
The head teacher stressed that the school had always strived for excellence.
to show or state admiration for sb in a formal way
uhonorować, uczcić; salutować
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Der.: salutation (n), salute (n)
The soldier stood to attention and saluted as the general drove past.
a success in a struggle, war or competition
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Der.: victorious (adj) Opp.: defeat
The allies fought their way to victory after six long years.
an important development or achievement
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Watson and Crick made an important breakthrough in genetics
to officially join an institution or a course and pay a fee for it
zapisać się (np. na kurs)
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Der.: enrolment (n)
Every one was amazed when the old woman enrolled for a computer course at the local college.
to obtain sth or learn sth through daily life
nabyć; przyswoić
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Der.: acquisition (n)
He decided to go back to college and acquire the skills and qualifications he needed.
able to make money
dochodowy, rentowny
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Der.: profitability (n) Opp.: unprofitable
The two brothers ran a very profitable business selling second-hand computer parts.
moral beliefs and rules about right and wrong
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The scientist’s ethics led him to abandon the experiment which he felt was morally wrong to continue.
having a lot of power to affect what happens
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The prisoner’s family contacted several influential figures in the government who saw to it that he was soon released.

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