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1. alteration

The alterations to the house must have cost a fortune. It is not possible to make major alterations to existing arrangements.
With some patients certain inexplicable alterations of the personality could be observed.
I need to make some alterations
The plan is incapable of alteration.
There has been an alteration in our plans.
This timetable is subject to alteration
data manipulation includes alteration of stored data
researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Washington, Seattle, found that after making specific genetic changes to a few mosquitoes and then allowing them to breed on, genetic alterations could be spread...
The brain pick up on these changes, which may include a bead of sweat or a slight alteration in tone of voice.
Experience in the changes and alterations of operational processes
There were some alteration to our schedule.
Who can make alterations in the Schedule?
No substantial alteration of MPA pharmacokinetics is anticipated and Myfenax dose adjustment is not required.
without human alteration
An ardent affection for the human race makes enthusiastic characters eager to produce alteration in laws and governments prematurely.

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2. shift

In order to keep our feet warm we had to shift from one foot to another and keep moving.
When I speak to a Westerner, I have to shift mental gears, so to speak.
shift work
History has shown that every financial crisis is followed by a technological shift.
Relationships might end with no real explanation as to why. And when that happens, respect the shift.
Media attention has shifted recently onto environmental issues.
I'm sorry but Paul called in sick and I'm going to need you to work his shift.
Freddy's been working the graveyard shift the past month, so he hasn't been able to see any of his friends who work normal hours.
Forming an information infrastructure, the real impact of the information highway is an expectation of new economic development due to a shift from a tangible hardware-industry to brain-oriented software-industry.
Shift the sofa so that it faces the fireplace.
My shift lasts from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Shifts in the oceanic temperature distrubition can cause significant weather shifts.
I had the breakfast shift – I had to go in at five a.m.
Although not explicitly referred to it is a seismic shift of great concern. The pilot who was supposed to fly the plane refused to do so because he head already completed this shift.
Spiky horsehairs pierce me every time I shift.

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3. change

Exact change, please.
The whole world needs to tackle the problem of climate change together.
I am going to inform the post office of the change of my address.
This is to inform you of my address change. Please update your mailing list.
We had to put up with Kunio's poor table manners because he refused to change.
There is an urgent need for understanding how climate change will affect our lives.
I'm thinking of going somewhere for a change of air, since my doctor advises me to.
Try not to spend so much time complaining about things you can't change.
This time I hadn't converted my money yet, so I needed to change Yen into Yuan.
I usually toss my loose change into my desk drawer.
There were a number of reasons for the change.
Another change in family life is the attitude of parents toward children.
Frictions between Japan and the U.S. are easing up for a change.
Has a change in ocean currents occurred?
After reflecting on my life up to now, I decided that I needed to change my goals.

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4. variation

Genetic variation between people is enormous.
quality is elimination of variation
variations in price
White bread is really just a variation of French bread.
In our interpretation, the output data in Table 2 is an acceptable variation of that in Table 1.

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5. switch

If you switch your phone for a newer model it'll work better.
Next time I switch jobs, I need work that will let me make use of the experience I've gained up to now.
If you touch this switch, it will open the curtains automatically.
Can I switch over from a sightseeing visa to a business one?
Factories have been urged to switch from coal to a cleaner fuel.
Stop switching radio stations, it's annoying!
light switch
In America, scores of free agents switch teams every year.
On no account must you touch that switch.
Learning lessons from Europe, Japan has to switch its economic-oriented policy to a consumer-conscious one, in order to cope with the coming unprecedented aging society towards the 21st century.
Friendly Reminder: Please keep in mind the closing time of the line you need to switch to, so as to avoid delays in your trip.
If you switch to a low-fat diet, your health will improve.
switching system between different tanks
He switched channels, hoping to find something more interesting.
I switch on my laptop, start up the browser, and type in the address I've already learnt by heart.

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6. swap

Can I swap my ten pound note for two fivers?
wife swap
Bill, can we swap places? I'd like to sit by Anne.
We'll do a swap.
If you don't like the dress I bought you, you can take it back to the shop and swap it for a different one.
swap lessons
swapped with a child from other family
Our policies and systems are getting outdated and need revising, but to try to swap horses while crossing a stream might be dangerous.
We have no other alternative but to swap horses midstream and inject a fresh atmosphere and new ideas into our organization.
When you've finished reading your book, and I've finished mine, shall we swap?
Everyone would have their pile and we’d go through them, and then do swaps and try to collect the whole set.
The teacher told us to swap our essay plans for peer correction.
When we finished the exercise, we swapped books to check each other’s answers.
I swapped seats with my friend at school so he could sit next to the window.
Ah, could we swap our mobile numbers next time?

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