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1. invite invite

invite to
On the one hand I called you to invite you to dinner, on the other to tell you my son is getting married.
In order to have an idea of our current projects, we invite you to visit [url].
In Harbin, many people invite me to their homes to have dinner.
I don't have a stamp collection, but I have a Japanese postcard collection that I could use as an excuse to invite her.
If you meet the Orleanu sisters, invite them to Ruxandra's birthday. And don't forget their brother.
If Jane's mother were in Japan, I could invite her to the Doll's Festival.
I had an argument with my sister about whom to invite.
I feel a little guilty that I didn't invite him to join the celebration.
In which case, I was also requested to invite all of you so if you would please accompany me...
Would you like to come out to dinner with me? He invited m to go out to dinner with him.
My cousin Greg is never invited to our family parties and meetings
to ask someone to come to a social event zapraszać They've invited us to the wedding.
... a day that invites people to think about their eco-sins.
The boy stated that he would give a bouquet of roses to the girl that he liked, talk with her, and invite her to have a coffee.

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