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1. accommodation accommodation

We need accommodation for six.
Did you book accommodation at the hotel?
How was the accommodation on your holiday?
I live in student accommodation not far from the college
The building plans include much needed new office accommodation.
His wages may be low; but food and accommodation are provided for free.
It's just temporary accommodation
Our holiday accommodation wasn’t exactly 5 star, but the room had everything we needed.
I don't think this accommodation is safe.
The type of accommodation you choose depends on your budget and needs.
Pokoje West is the best accommodation in Władysławowo.
The plane tickets were more expensive than we expected, so we had to look for cheaper accommodation.
What kind of accommodation do you provide for your workers?
Return fare to New York, accommodation, full board and some guided sight-seeing tours.
If you have no way to buy food, clothing, accommodation and other such daily necessities, you definitely won't be able to have peace of mind.

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2. lodging

If you don't mind, I'll choose our lodging this time.
I pay fifty pounds a week for board and lodging.
He accommodated me with a night's lodging.
The tourist asked for lodging for the night.
There are many students living in lodgings in this area.
I get free lodging in return for cutting the grass and doing different maintenance chores
Rather than lodging power in centralised ministries and unaccountable technocracies, they should devolve it to regions and municipalities.
This building is a capsule hotel lodging men and women.

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3. accommodate

The hotel can accommodate 300 people.
She was kind enough to accommodate me with some money.
The canal can accommodate ships as large as 150,000 dead weight tons.
Sorry, I can't accommodate you.
You must accommodate your plans to mine.
It was very far-sighted for that company to change its policy to accommodate the decrease in numbers of children and the aging of society.
I accommodate statistics to theory.
Now, the Islamic country is working to accommodate its clients through the offer to accept their national currencies.
This lecture hall is able to accommodate
You could opt for spending less per head in order to accommodate more guests at the reception.
Auto Scaling automatically starts additional instances to accommodate increasing load on your application
accommodate all needs
Dwelling plans should demonstrate that dwellings will accommodate the furniture, access and activity space requirements relating to the declared level of occupancy.
I needed to accommodate to the new schedule.
They modified the report to accommodate all views.

4. billeting

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5. billet

Billet is a place for soldiers to stay in for a short time... the soldiers that were billeted in private houses in Sutton.
Every bullet has its billet.