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1. contribute to

The protagonists who manage to endear themselves to the audience contribute to the popularity of the soap opera they are starring in.
my mistake contribute to lose of job

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2. help

Help yourself.
Tom and Mary are both very kind and will help anybody who asks.
I told her that if I could be of any use I would be glad to help.
Unable to accomplish the task by himself, he turned to me for help.
I wish I could figure out how to convince Tom to help us.
If you can't go to an English-speaking country to study, perhaps you can find an English native speaker living nearby that can help you learn English.
Could you stick around after the party and help me clean up?
He had gone there to help garbage workers strike peacefully for better pay and working conditions.
Not only did he refuse to help me, but also he scolded me.
Will you have a little time this weekend to help me with my French?
He's the last person I would ask help from, because he is completely unreliable.
Pigeons can find their way home with the help of the Earth's magnetic field.
Defensive driving can help you avoid accidents.
She wanted to lose weight and she thought smoking would help her.
Vaccinations help prevent childhood diseases.

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3. help out

My friend likes to help out people.
It's his responsibility to help out with the baby.