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1. liability

The company denies all liability for any products that malfunction after the date of the guarantee.
The man’s a liability!
unlimited liability
The owner is completely responsible for the business, If the business fails, the owner is full responsible for all the business debts. This is called unlimited liability
to be fully liable; full liability; limited liability
You must accept liability for what you have done.
Since his injury, Jones has become more of a liability than an asset to the team.
valuing the company’s liabilities and assets. the partners accept unlimited liability for any risks they undertake.
Henderson is just a liability to our work team, because he never finishes anything on time
The documents specify employees’ liability for maintenance of order.
Your bad attitude is becoming a liability.
And in the process, take a look at 1987 liability
In the end, she had become nothing more than a liability.
to bear liability, to escape criminal and civil liability
... directors and whatever, and liability, I might add.

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