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1. addiction

In my job as a psychologist, I deal with addiction.
Stopgap measures won't make a dent in drug addiction.
He is now fighting his addiction to alcohol.
People can suffer from addiction to many things, from smoking to speed.
Even during work, I secretly indulge my Internet addiction.
Drug addiction degraded many people.
There really is such a thing as Internet addiction.
Excessive gambling causes the same brain changes as a drug addiction.
drug addiction
I mean it's just another manifestation of internet addiction really.
People who lack self-control are prone to addictions.
Not because she smoked, but because she was an addiction.
Playing games is my addiction but I promised that I will finish with it
As far as the public health is concerned which problem seems more solutions: drug addiction or drinking?
A new study has shown that tanning bed use may cause addiction.

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