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1. partaker

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2. participant

Happy to see you as a participant of the race, Alina.
participant in legal proceedings, in civil litigation
currently I`m not a participant in any course
He was a neutral participant at the discussion.
How many participants do we have so far?
get feedback from participants
All the participants are asked to remain seated.
Ten participants decided not to take part in the competition
All participants in the contest must be over 18.
an active participant in the negotiations
If you're a participant of the marathon, you have 10% discount in our shop.
Anyone over 10 years old can be a participant in this race.
A language group might be cancelled if there are not enough participants.
At the moment there are about 20 language course participants.
So far there has been only one participant who won one million Israeli Shekels in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" in Israel.

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3. entrant

new entrants to the school
newest entrant in the online grocery business.

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4. contestant

The contestant made two false starts.
The Miss Universe contestant tripped on her gown but got up again gracefully and continued down the runway.

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5. campaigner

The eloquent campaigner was elected hands down.
Animal rights campaigners are trying to close down the farm.

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