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1. wide wide

The black angel spread those jet-black wings wide and flew up into the sky.
A wide leather belt would look good with that dress.
A buyers' market is a market in which goods are plentiful, buyers have a wide range of choices, and prices are low.
For some reason, I'm wide awake and can't fall asleep.
wide jaw
Cut the quartered Chinese cabbage into wide strips.
Shopping by mail through catalogs gives people a wide choice of merchandise.
The mythical Kraken, thick as a ship and three times as wide, once made an attack on Christopher Columbus's fleet... giving Columbus no choice but to eat him.
The first thing that came to my attention was the large sofa. It was covered in sober coloured leather, the seat and the back both looked wide and comfortable.
Hui Shi had many ingenious notions. His writings would fill five carriages; but his doctrines were erroneous and contradictory, and his words were wide of their mark.
He had never forgiven Adélaïde for not having those heavy breasts, those wide buttocks that are a credit to families.
By the 1940s, the qipao came in a wide variety of designs and fabrics, with an equally wide variety of accessories.
широкие улицы|wide streets
I expected a wide avenue, but I saw only a narrow path.
It was the first airplane with a wide body and with more than one aisle

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2. broad broad

broad shoulders
Central Bank is a bank that deals mainly with other banks and the government and assumes broad responsibilities in the interests of the national economy apart from the earning of profits.
Another tendency of many Japanese that bothers foreigners is to make statements that are too general and too broad by using or implying words like "all" and "every".
Wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction.
The broad lines on the map correspond to roads.
Into this broad category fall companies that run money lending and insurance businesses.
Over seven years ago, the United States pursued al Qaeda and the Taliban with broad international support. We did not go by choice, we went because of necessity.
When we arrived at the house, Chin and Chilla were sitting at the top of a broad flight of stairs.
We provide broad services to the computer end users, based on our experience and technical expertise.
Plato having defined man to be a two-legged animal without feathers, Diogenes plucked a cock and brought it into the Academy, and said, "This is Plato’s man." On which account this addition was made to the definition,—"With broad flat nails."
Of course, the package of measures that we are considering is quite broad.
She saw her boyfriend and a broad grin appeared on her face.
There are two broad drone categories: fixed wing and rotary.
You can see both sides of almost any issue -- and while it might exasperate your friends and lead to a few Hamlet moments, you're perfectly happy with your broad perspective

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