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1. ship ship

Abandon ship!
A society without religion is like a ship without a compass.
A ship that transports oil is called an oil tanker.
The Titanic sank on her maiden voyage. She was a large ship.
It took me more than a week to put the model ship together.
We will ship the product immediately after receiving your order.
I have a friend whose father is the captain of a big ship.
The mythical Kraken, thick as a ship and three times as wide, once made an attack on Christopher Columbus's fleet... giving Columbus no choice but to eat him.
Being in a ship is being in a jail, with the chance of being drowned.
A wily hunter, Christopher Columbus once donned a red riding hood and went into the forest. Without a doubt, he attracted the Big Bad Wolf, grabbed him, and dragged the screaming wolf back to his ship.
Christopher Columbus once discovered an entire ship of deceased sailors... and politely ignored it.
He had heard stories about an ancient god who had left his land centuries before by ship.
The ship of fools was a popular allegory in medieval art and literature.
It was not by plane, but by ship, that I went to London.

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2. vessel vessel

A blood vessel burst inside his brain.
A cargo vessel, bound for Athens, sank in the Mediterranean without a trace.
a fishing vessel
Do not look upon the vessel but upon that which it contains.
Extra special treatment is imperative to get the vessel through government red tape, so that she can leave port on time.
The world is a sacred vessel that cannot be acted on. Whoever acts on it will ruin it; whoever holds on to it will lose it.
A child is not a vessel for filling, but a fire to light.
The greatest wisdom has no shape; the greatest vessel is the latest to be completed; the greatest music has the most tenuous notes.
He is a gob, he lives on a vessel.
... you're creating a sealed vessel containing a lot of...
Please, urinate in this vessel!
vessels blood
A vessel containing over 50 illegal Chinese migrants has been discovered off the waters of Washington State this morning.
He filled glass vessel with water.

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3. boat boat

A boat capsized.
Boeing developed a flying boat for the Maritime Self-Defense Force.
I escaped from the sinking boat with difficulty.
I was told to go not by boat but by plane, which advice I followed.
In this way a passing boat noticed them, thanks to Takeda's scream, and they survived without incident.
I will sell the boat in accordance with your orders.
I just bought an extremely expensive cabin boat.
Despite "No Smoking" signs, the boat operator was brazenly smoking all the time.
Let's hope this boat engine doesn't give up the ghost when we're halfway to Hawaii.
We plunged into the cave opening on our boat and continued on.
My boat may be big, but at least it's comfortable.
we need water to travel. We can travel by ship and by boat.
I just want to hop into my boat and sally forth into the great blueness.
As the boat sailed on westwards, the captain looked back at how far they had come, and felt a tear prick the corner of his eye.

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4. vessel's vessel's

His crew members often complained of Christopher Columbus's hogging of their vessel's Wifi connection to play online games, but he denied these accusations with indignation, claiming that he was researching faraway lands that they had yet to discover.

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5. ferry ferry

The quickest ferry crossing from continental Europe is from Calais to Dover.
The ferry departs every hour.
The army had no men near Harpers Ferry.
There were not more than one hundred passengers on board the ferry.
I think you and I have a ferry to catch.
A big wave turned the ferry over.
We had a rough crossing on an old ferry.
The ferry started to move and we were across in half an hour.
I had to ferry all my stuff in a big van when i moved.
They're going from Portsmouth to Santander on the ferry.
I hate travelling by ferry
The ferry is a slow mode of transport.
Travelling by ferry is more interesting than travelling by coach.
The ferry to Sleeping Cave sails from Moonlight Harbour.
ferry or ferryboat a boat that makes short regular journeys between two or more places

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6. cruise ship cruise ship

We get a lot of cruise ships stopping in our port.

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7. craft craft

She learned the craft of basket weaving from her grandmother.
A painter only becomes a true painter by practicing his craft.
traditional crafts such as weaving
This is an old craft. / Minecraft
I greatly recommend reading it to anybody thinking of learning a craft.
Craft must have clothes, but truth loves to go naked.
We must hand down our craft to posterity.
Flower arranging is a traditional craft in Japan.
These bracelets were crafted by Native Americans.
Those fishermen who make their own nets are masters of the craft.
It took him years but he learned his craft well and is an excellent blacksmith now.
He's an expert in his craft.
The result of his work was not craft but art
aircraft and spacecraft
The phlebotomist scared herself by practicing her craft on a balloon.

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8. spacecraft spacecraft

It costs a fortune to build a spacecraft
In the past, astronauts had to be specially trained and physically very fit to survive in very small space capsules, but spacecraft size is no longer a constraint, making it possible to take ordinary people such as midwives, electricians and cleaners.
Neil – it's visible to the naked eye – meaning without using instruments – and it's reachable by spacecraft.
This spacecraft is powered by ion thrusters.
Against all expectations, the Apollo spacecraft made it safely back to Earth.