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1. draw draw

Can you draw?
Certainly if someone is _that_ beautiful you'd draw back from approaching her. "Thought you'd agree."
She therefore came up on this side, opened her own window and tapped her horn lightly to draw attention to the fact that she was there.
These things are much better spoken about face to face so that we can draw diagrams and demonstrate timings on logic analyzers and oscilloscopes where necessary.
Those who choose to retire can do so as early as sixty-two, although starting to draw their Social Security distributions at that age would mean that the payments would be reduced by twenty percent.
I don't dispute the facts you've presented but only the conclusion you draw from them.
The most perfect ape cannot draw an ape; only man can do that; but, likewise, only man regards the ability to do this as a sign of superiority.
Beyond the Right's populism and the dispersion of the Left which have made this situation possible, I take full responsibility for this defeat and draw the necessary conclusions by retiring from political life after the end of the presidential election.
If we hide a part of the body, it's to better draw attention towards it.
If I could draw well, I would paint pictures in "Where is Waldo?"-style, but leave out Waldo.
60,000 lucky number request: I got a request to draw an illustration for the site of Beikyu, who hit the lucky number, "Standing By A Little Maple Tree".
Boeing, which builds more than half the world's commercial airliners, is understandably keen to draw attention to what can go wrong besides planes.
Your encouragement will draw her out.
Before, young ones used to ask me to draw them a sheep, now they want me to teach them how to make a commit. Times, they are a-changin'.
I began to draw the letter "K" like an incomplete star, because it's one of the symbols that represent Kylie Minogue.

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2. draw drew drawn draw drew drawn

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3. do some drawing do some drawing

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4. drawing drawing

This drawing is less than great. He needs to do something with the line here at the back of the leg.
he's drawing.
Detailed design is the work of drawing up a diagram that is capable of being manufactured from the plan set in the baseline design.
Nursing insurance covers drawing up the care plan and other work supporting home nursing.
My eight-year-old son did a drawing of our house yesterday.
Making a clean separation between the "useful" and the "useless" is about as straightforward as drawing the fine line between water and ice.
The young man had been sitting in the drawing room alone with the girl for a long time and it was getting late.
Notaries are involved in the drawing up of notarial deeds and sealed envelope deeds.
Drawing is a lot of fun; it helps me to relax.
Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises.
The partners agreed that they can each take 600 every month as drawings.
It's only a drawing Anna, come on. / 2. Drawing is a form of meditation for me. / 3. Did Peter have any hobbies like drawing or painting?
In that kind of case, it's best to make a trial of drawing up a budget.
Derrick dropped his drawing in the tub and is now trying to salvage it with a hair dryer.
When drawing kanji be careful of dots and sweeps, write as carefully and quickly as possible.

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5. draw pictures draw pictures

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6. draw drew draw drew