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1. compartment

Tom keeps a pair of binoculars in the glove compartment of his car.
It's in the overhead compartment.
I found the secret compartment quite by accident.
The shabby compartment remained vacant.
This is a non-smoking compartment.

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PIT-road, rail, sea, travelling abroad

2. interval

During the interval of the play, you can get a drink from the theatre bar.
We can get something to drink in the interval.
The interval is only 20 minutes long.
There was a long interval before he answered.
There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.
There was a two hour's interval to the next train.
As I was free after a long interval yesterday, I enjoyed playing tennis with my friends.
During the interval, Takashi and Harumi got a drink at the theater bar.
Applied method including time interval between measurements.
We see each other at regular intervals - usually about once a month.
The interval between major earthquakes might be 200 years.
During the interval I went to the toilet.
What I'd like you to do is repeat the word 'the' in your mind at irregular intervals
There is a half hour interval between sessions when refreshments will be served.
We only have five minutes before the teacher's interval ends.

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3. range

A buyers' market is a market in which goods are plentiful, buyers have a wide range of choices, and prices are low.
His tasks range from digging wells to getting rid of garbage.
range of services
price range
Prices range from the low $30 to the high $50.
Was your mock exam score this time within the pass range for your preferred school?
Businesses perceive as competitors a narrow range of the business world; there are many cases where they don't understand their real rivals.
In the past accidents have occurred where shells fell outside of the firing range area used for exercises by the JGSDF.
The range is so wide I can’t choose just one thing
to shoot somebody at close range
Up ahead they could see the distant peaks of a range of mountains – the Himalayas.
Every Thursday he practised on the shooting range.
Our prices range from £30 to £80 for a pair of jeans.
This book ranges over the Middle Ages and Baroque.
The Internet has expanded the range of my sex life; it's a bit like I upgraded to ballistic missiles.

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