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policjant inglés:

1. police officer police officer

He gave up his job as a police officer after his partner was killed.
The police officer killed an attacker in self-defence.
I would like to be a police officer because I like helping people.
police officer
The police officer took the boy's arm.
A police officer works at a police station.

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2. policeman policeman

The noisy of heavy traffic was such that the policeman could not make himself heard.
I'm a policeman.
A lot of reports came to the policeman that a wild monkey was found.
From the time he was a small boy, Tom knew that he wanted to be a policeman.
It seems that the policeman in this TV series is a dirty cop who abuses his authority.
He asked the policeman how many people had been killed in traffic accidents the previous day.
The policeman did not believe my story, and I thought it was no good arguing with him.
A traffic policeman signals directions to drivers by waving his hands and arms.
A policeman should be strong and quick in action.
He entered the room, to be confronted by a policeman.
She shouted and threatened a policeman by brandishing a knife.
He was rather drunk, which made a bad impression on the policeman.
A Californian policeman pulled a car over and spoke to the driver.
I'm not a little surprised that the policeman was arrested.
The gaunt policeman had a bolt-action rifle slung over one shoulder.

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3. cop cop

The cop went through his pockets, but found nothing.
Saying you can't do the job because you're too busy is just a cop out.
It seems that the policeman in this TV series is a dirty cop who abuses his authority.
I suspect he is a cop.
Uh, just that cop from yesterday.
Daddy, that man copped my bike.
There were three cops in this town last week.
I drank about 20 beers but the cop couldn't tell I was drunk and let me go.
My boss tried to cop a feel but I slapped his hand before he got any further.
The cop was shot on his beat.
You can't cop out on explaining a price increase of that size by blaming OPEC; that won't wash.
It's a fair cop.

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4. constable constable

A constable is a police officer of the lowest rank.
The force's current chief constable was suspended on Wednesday because of the approach the force took to the inquest.

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5. bobby bobby

Bobby may watch TV until 7:00.
Bobby must go to bed by 7:30.

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6. trooper trooper