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1. location

The location has changed.
How much more does it cost to return the rental car to another location?
Bees communicate the location of food by carrying odor samples back to the hive.
A bookstore in that location wouldn't make enough money to survive.
Use your precise address to describe your business location.
I would appreciate it if you could reserve a room at a convenient location for visiting your office.
Hold it, are you kidding me? Why'd we wanna go to such a remote location?
That place's food is great, and their prices are good, but the fly in the ointment is their terrible location.
'Fox's wedding'. "Er ...?" "Today, with an 81 percent likelihood, it will be clear skies but, depending on location, there will be sun showers."
However, the amount of wind available varies with the location and the season of the year.
I like this flat. The location is good, and besides, rent is not very high.
The central location gives easy access to stores and offices.
It is generally assumed that fundamental constants such as c have the same value throughout spacetime, meaning that they do not depend on location and do not vary with time.
Location check: The parties involved themselves or their attendants should look over the place for the miai meeting in advance.
The location of our new house is beautiful because it’s near the beach.

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2. bearings

So for long-term storage, you want a design with as little friction as possible—which can be accomplished using magnetic bearings to make the wheel “float” and enclosing it in a vacuum to eliminate air resistance.
Let's consider the problem in all its bearings before making a decision.

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3. reposition

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