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1. obesity obesity

Daily exercise is effective in overcoming obesity.
Many American teenagers have a problem with obesity.
Now there is an epidemic of obesity: two-thirds of adults and 15 percent of kids.
We all know that too much sugar can cause not only obesity and diabetes but also tooth decay – this destroys the hard surface of your teeth and exposes more sensitive parts.
The problem of obesity among children.
Researchers say that there is a genetic factor associated with obesity.
BMI or Body Mass Index commonly used value to define obesity.
Childhood obesity is a big problem.
obesity is defined as 14 kilograms or more over a healthy weight
I suffer from obesity.
The only remaining region in the world where obesity is uncommon is sub-Saharan Africa.
A car is a machine for turning fuel into obesity.
The aim of this report is to explain why there is the problem of obesity among primary school children and how this problem could be resolved.
A study has proved, that eating too fast increases your chance for obesity.

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2. stoutness stoutness

She was only saved by the stoutness of her construction.
His physical health deteriorated from that time on, leading to stoutness in later years.

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3. corpulence

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4. oedema

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