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opalony inglés:

1. tanned tanned

You look very tanned in this photo.
I tanned myself on the beach.
That man is very tanned.
His face was tanned
He has a tanned face and clear eyes.
A lot of people have tanned skin.
He's an elderly man with a tanned wrinkled face and grey hair
It seems they’ve been on vacation because they’re both tanned.

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2. sunburnt sunburnt

The detective was sunburnt. He didn't care.
Be careful not to get sunburnt.
His skin is sunburnt because he fell asleep on the beach for three hours.
Due to the intense sunlight, his back was sunburnt.

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3. suntanned suntanned

suntanned arms

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4. sunburned sunburned

After all day in the sun, Tom had a sunburned nose.

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