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1. unbent

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2. uncomfortable

Tom felt uncomfortable.
It will make most Americans uncomfortable if you insist on their accepting expensive gifts.
Our company has never had that kind of system, and it's never made us feel uncomfortable.
Stop it! You're making her feel uncomfortable!
Curious gazes, gazes carrying a bit of murderous intent...it goes without saying that I couldn't be more uncomfortable.
Come to that the uniform had a bit more starch than that I usually wear, it's a bit uncomfortable.
It's fine, there's no need to feel uncomfortable!
The trains are inconvenient and uncomfortable; in addition, they never run on time.
Many Americans are uncomfortable with silence, and they tend to regard silence in a conversation as a signal that they need to start talking.
It was a big dumpster, Dima said. "And there was a lot of food, so... It wasn't exactly uncomfortable. But yes, smellier than a donkey's behind."
As a result, people have got so used to being paid this way that they're uncomfortable with any other.
Her helmet felt a bit uncomfortable at first, but she wore it to protect her head while nowboarding.
He was uncomfortable and tried to tell us something.
Stunned, Jem and I looked at each other and then at Atticus who was very uncomfortable.
My chair is very uncomfortable. It hurts my back when I sit in it for a long time. I feel uncomfortable at parties - I am shy and it is hard for me to talk to new people.

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3. incommodious

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4. inconvenient

If it were not for the computer, how inconvenient our lives would be!
That might be a little inconvenient for you, don't you think?
If our quote is inconvenient for you, please let us know.
You may find it a bit inconvenient if you can't use the Internet.
They came at an inconvenient time.
The trains are inconvenient and uncomfortable; in addition, they never run on time.
The opposite of "inconvenient" is "convenient".
Without telephones, it would be inconvenient.
It is inconvenient to work in evening clothes.
I hope we haven't called at an inconvenient time.
It will be very inconvenient for me to have no car.
The plane leaves at a very inconvenient time.
Monday's a bit inconvenient for me. How about Wednesday?
It is inconvenient to have a stationary phone; why don't you buy a cordless one?
I think that it would be inconvenient to live in a city with no door.

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5. cumbersome

cumbersome equipment cumbersome bureaucracy
He gave me a cumbersome task to do.
cumbersome diving suits
cumbersome bureaucracy
Something that big and cumbersome should never have been able to do so.
This cumbersome sign has been replaced with a form that can now be signed with one hand.
The rifle is a cumbersome gun.
People keep talking about cumbersome procedures and asking me to streamline them.
cumbersome system
If a task manager is too cumbersome to use, you won't bother with it.
Doctors are complaining that the system is cumbersome and bureaucratic.
The application process is cumbersome and time-consuming
Procedures in big companies are cumbersome.
cumbersome safety equipment
It was a cumbersome evidence

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