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1. earrings earrings

The silver earrings were given to me by my late grandmother.
She's got earrings.
These are big earrings! They nearly touch your shoulder.
A pair of earrings is a nice present for her.
She wore heart-shaped earrings.
I got these earrings from my grandmother.
Her gold earrings looked really pretty.
I bought her a pearl necklace and earrings.
I used to have a whole box of silver earrings and necklaces.
They have a good choice of earrings in this jewelry store.

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2. piercing piercing

She has a piercing in her eyebrow.
We felt piercing wind from the west.
she let out a piercing scream of terror
piercing scream
The postcards depicted extravagantly-hairstyled punks with nose piercings.
Tom gave a long piercing whistle and his dog came running towards him.
She gave us a piercing look.
What are that piercing screams?
his blue eyes piercing
She fixed Dumbledore with such a piercing stare as she did now.
The hawk has piercing eyes.
The xylophone's piercing high notes have bloodied ears around the world.

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