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1. air conditioning air conditioning

The air conditioning doesn't work.
The air conditioning of the kitchen is broken.
There was no air conditioning and it was very hot in the building.
I'd like to have air conditioning in my flat in the summer.
I hope that there is air conditioning.
He has air conditioning at home.
where is the remote control for air conditioning
I was halfway down the motorway when the car's air conditioning broke down!
Does your flat have air conditioning?
It's hotter righ now since our air conditioning is broken.
It’s very hot today, so turn on the air conditioning.
I'm afraid the air conditioning in our rooms isn't working.
There is no air conditioning in our office so it is very hot in summer.
It's so hot in here. Could you switch on the air conditioning, please?
Is there central heating or air conditioning?

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2. air condition air condition

Why don't some people like air condition?

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3. AC

Do you mind if I turn off the AC?
This AC unit wastes a lot of electricity.

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4. air conditioner

Unfortunately, the air conditioner is out of order.
The sun doesn’t shine on this side of the building, so we don’t need an air conditioner in summer.

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