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1. bump bump

she suffered a concussion after bumping her head
I have a nasty bump on my forehead.
The plane landed with a bump.
As recent news has shown, mischaracterizing the fist bump can cause you some grief.
I just bumped into Mycroft downstairs
Sasha had a huge bump on his head.
Does bump mapping generate more graphics load than parallax?
I bump into her.
We tried again to bump off the politician, but couldn't do it.
She bumped his shoulder
Well, I must've bumped my head cause I don't dance the same no more
Aunt Marge bumped her large jaw against Aunt Petunia’s bony cheekbone
As she got up, she bumped her knee on her desk.
I bumped into her at the market on Sunday.
The boy has a huge bump on his head. No wonder he cried so much!

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