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1. foolish foolish

To try to bring it back would be foolish.
A foolish impulse made me say what I should have left unsaid.
A foolish misunderstanding severed their long friendship.
How foolish!
It is foolish of you to build a castle in the air while forgetting to drive in pilings for its foundation.
Life is as a box of matches. Treating it cautiously is foolish, not treating it cautiously is dangerous.
Women are directly adapted to act as the nurses and educators of our early childhood, for the simple reason that they themselves are childish, foolish, and short-sighted.
It is ridiculous as well as foolish to think man superior to woman, or woman to man.
Claiming that money is not a requirement for happiness is foolish.
A foolish son is a grief to his father, And bitterness to her that bare him.
Would it be dangerous for a company to be run by a foolish CEO?
There was a feeling of constraint in the room; no one dared to tell the king how foolish his decision was.
Meanwhile, the foolish uncle was sitting in the living room.
The victim of blackmail has been paying hush money for years, but now he realizes it is foolish, and he has decided not to pay a red cent more.

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2. silly silly

Don't be silly!
Even the cleverest students can make silly mistakes.
Ikeda made several silly mistakes, and so he was told off by the department head.
The meeting was going off without a hitch until he threw a wet blanket on it by making silly remarks.
Bob thinks it is a silly idea to call his mother who is so far away, to spend so much, and to say so little.
It may never be known how we silly Anglophones got "baloney" out of "bologna."
His parents' view was that he was wasting his earnings on a silly girl.
Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to be always part of unanimity.
If my kid couldn't speak Shanghainese, I’d slap him silly. the man said.
This may be a silly question, but which is stronger - a tiger or a lion?
Sentences bring context to the words. Sentences have personalities. They can be funny, smart, silly, insightful, touching, hurtful.
What a silly question! That was a silly thing to do, wasn’t it? Don’t be silly – it’s only a spider. She makes a fuss about such silly little (= unimportant) things.
It is a silly practice for non-Christians to send chocolates on St. Valentine's Day.
All that's left for me is to drink myself silly with vodka and to get lost in sleep.

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3. stupid stupid

He's stupid.
Pitching camp on sand banks that go under at high tide is a truly stupid thing to do.
A stupid man's report of what a clever man says is never accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something that he can understand.
Yea... Dima continued, talking mostly to himself. "It's as if the author of my story got into some stupid argument, retired to Fiji, and just left me here to rot."
They're stupid children, what a nuisance, she said. I replied praising them: "What are you saying, They're both smart, with a good memory and a promising future"
When I tried to speak to her, I always found myself too shy to do more than stammer or say something stupid.
I was assailed by the stupid, but unshakeable, idea that if I was imprudent enough to move my hand I'd be noticed.
This is probably a stupid question, but which is stronger, the tiger or the lion?
It must bother you to have taken a bad master. "I'm stupid too. So, it's all right."
This is a golden opportunity we'd be stupid to pass up. Let's get to work and finish it all in one fell swoop.
The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.
she told him to stop messing about with his stupid painting. I was stupid enough to think she was perfect. You’re not a coward, stupid!
Probably just a stupid urban legend "But they do say 'there's no smoke without fire', don't they?"
Are people born intelligent or stupid, or is intelligence the result of how you live?
The people all praised the emperor's clothes without telling him the truth so as not to seem stupid, until a little boy said, "The emperor is naked!"

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4. dumb

He got tired of being the devil's advocate and now agrees with every idea they suggest, no matter how dumb.
The world is full of dumb people.
I'm so dumb... I'm trying to explain things to you that I don't understand myself.
The definition of dumb is unable to speak or someone or something that appears stupid.
act dumb
The dumber the white man is, the more the black man looks dumb to him.
Dumb as a block of wood.
My poor dumb friend died this morning.
Light cares speak, great ones are dumb.
You gave him your phone number? That was a dumb thing to do.
All blonde women are dumb.
There was a fellow there who was Japanese and who was deaf and dumb and he could write I mean fluently.
Neil and Alice discuss TV chat show hosts, Greek philosophers and whether asking dumb questions is a good idea or not
Are computers making us dumb?
How dumb do you think it would be to break into a prison or steal a police car?

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5. daft

Getting drunk is a daft idea.
don't be daft
don't be daft!
Don't be daft
You're daft if you think that terrorism is linked to a small percentage of extemists... there are hundreds of thousands in the UK who want to perpetrate unspeakable acts against YOU and YOUR CHILDREN. Wake up and smell the coffee...
Don't be daft! Of course he still loves you.
He's so daft, what's he doing in the team?
She's not as daft as she looks.
In case you are too daft to remember...
He's daft about cats.

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6. fatuous

ignoring the avalanche warnings, the fatuous skiers continued on their course
... law are protected by fatuous regulations.

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7. goof

I really goofed this time.
I admit I made a goof in that last calculation.

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8. wacky

Children love clowns because their wacky clothes and antics make them laugh.
You're a wacky guy.
Have you heard of that wacky fashion website?
By inference, their inventor is sometimes regarded as a wacky innovator who was perhaps out of touch with reality. But Fuller’s career involved a great deal more than domes.

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9. dull

To me he's no different from a million other dull middle aged men.
dull china
In the kitchen, you're more apt to cut yourself with a dull knife than with a sharp one.
Geometry, about which I know nothing, seems like a very dull subject.
Habit converts luxurious enjoyments into dull and daily necessities.
This club is fearfully dull. The dance floor is empty and the smoking patio is packed.
To equip a dull, respectable person with wings would be but to make a parody of an angel.
If, on the other hand, children are left alone a great deal with nothing to do, they are likely to become dull and unintelligent.
Like air traffic controllers, drone pilots have high‐stress yet often dull and repetitive jobs, mostly surveilling areas for intelligence and potential targets.
It rained all the time we were there so we had a rather dull weekend sitting indoors.
The room around him became crisp, the dull firepit flaring to near blinding brightness.
If you have a dull room, what can you do to brighten it up? If you have a dull room, you can brighten it up by painting it.
dull afternoon/people/colour
Have you ever met someone as dull as he was?
For fear of the newspapers politicians are dull, and at last they are too dull even for the newspapers.

10. witless

a witless actor

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11. asinine

What an asinine remark!
I dislike the music, find the plots to be asinine and chauvinistic.

12. brainless

a brainless bachelor
It was a brainless decision to go climbing after hearing such a bad weather forecast!

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13. thick

the barely suppressed anger in his eyes under the thick blakc hood of his cloak.
thick hair
Thick description is a term coined by Clifford Geertz.
How cool would it be if Obama grew a nice, thick afro!
The cat’s ginger fur was thick and fluffy,
The wall separating criminals from non-criminals is not as thick as we think.
The air in that room was thick with the enthusiasm of the participants.
Don't be slopping about with him. You'd better give him a thick ear.
The mythical Kraken, thick as a ship and three times as wide, once made an attack on Christopher Columbus's fleet... giving Columbus no choice but to eat him.
the ozone layer is showing signs of thickening
Nobody's gonna believe this thick story of yours.
The thick sweet liquid you find inside the trunk is called sap or resin.
Close to being thirteen like the rest of us, the thick glasses and his deafness made him seem like a
Something that is thick is larger than usual between its opposite sides.
A black race, they had thick lips, flattened noses and frizzy hair resembling, in these ways, the blacks now living on Earth.

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14. dim

Tom only had a dim recollection of what Mary looked like.
You can be really dim sometimes!
The lamp gave out a dim light.
I have a dim memory of my grandmother.
the lights dimmed slightly
Small print looks dim.
Thus Sally’s DRO would take a dim view of her polluting activities, since it would be on the hook for any property damage her factory causes.
Without hope...... the future is dim........ bleak........
Her memories of events have dimmed with age; it appears that forgetfulness is synonymous with growing old.
He won't understand it, he's dim.
I was a dim
Tom is such a dim guy! He's so stupid!
You'll need to give him something easy to do -- he's a bit dim.
My memories are dim, I don't remember it.
Hi moon! dim your light. Hello wind! breeze soft. Hello earth! spin gently. Because my friend is going to sleep.

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