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1. instalment instalment

I have the last instalment to pay this month.
Tonight they're publishing the final instalment of the series.
We are going to pay back the loan in several instalments.
We are offering 12 monthly instalments of 60 pounds.
I couldn’t afford to pay for my car all at once, so I pay an instalment every month instead.
The compensation may be paid in monthly instalments.
I paid back the first instalment on my loan.
pay a instalment
Don't miss next week's exciting instalment.
I paid for the television in six instalments.
You will pay for this in 10 instalments
The novel has been serialized for radio in five instalments; We agreed to pay for the car by/in instalments.
I have 5 more instalments left on my loan.

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2. wafer wafer

to share a Christmas wafer
Would you like a wafer in your ice cream?

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