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1. russian russian

He speaks Russian.
Rasputin had the whole Russian court under his spell.
I doubt that Tom is even interested in trying to learn Russian.
I consider the Russian ballet the greatest.
In the same way, a Russian might fail to see anything amusing in a joke which would make an Englishman laugh to tears.
Nested dolls are a telltale Russian export.
Even now, many years after the cold war, there is still much bitterness between Germans and Russian, especially in areas which were occupied by the Soviet Union.
Those letters are all the wrong way around! "No, it's supposed to be like that, it's Russian."
Theremin: The world's first electronic musical instrument, made by Russian physicist Lev Sergeivitch Termen in 1920.
What was that person saying? "He couldn't communicate in Russian at all so I told him off in Russian."
From 1859, Protestant missionaries from America started to arrive, and the Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches also became actively involved in missionary work.
While Eugene is busy translating sentences from Russian to English, I'll quickly add some Belorussian translations and jump ahead of Uyghur.
A Frenchman, for instance, might find it hard to laugh at a Russian joke.
Such languages as Russian, Polish, Czech and Bulgarian have common Slavic roots.
Some translators changed Alice's name to Sonya or Anya, even though Alisa is a widespread Russian name.

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