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1. guileful guileful

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2. wily wily

wily businessman/manoeuvring
wily opponents
The wily cartoon character was always thinking of ways to steal food
A wily hunter, Christopher Columbus once donned a red riding hood and went into the forest. Without a doubt, he attracted the Big Bad Wolf, grabbed him, and dragged the screaming wolf back to his ship.

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3. cunning

He's cunning.
a cunning and resourceful criminal
It is said that the fox is more cunning than any other animal.
The fox was very cunning. He waited until the door of the chicken coop was left open and then snuck inside.
That's just how cunning North Korea (and China) is.
He makes believe that he is a practical statesman, but in really he is a cunning politician.
The Sphinx had eaten hundreds of people on their way to the city of Thebes, because they could not answer the riddle the cunning Sphinx had asked them.
Time and again they risk their lives in search of cunning new escape routes. Cunning as a fox.
The thief is very cunning, it won't be easy to catch him.
"He was a most cunning and courageous warrior," Thrawn continued.
He's as cunning as a fox. / 2. He thinks he's so cunning. / 3. I admit my cunning plan backfired.
I didn't know that Peter is so cunning.
So he had to think of something much more cunning
I am a cunning because can find a good way out in a difficult situation.
The Parisian police, he said, "are exceedingly able in their way. They are persevering, ingenious, cunning, and thoroughly versed in the knowledge which their duties seem chiefly to demand."

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