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propriétaire inglés:

1. proprietor's

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2. householder

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3. proprietary

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4. proprietor

a hotel proprietor
My father is the proprietor of this restaurant.
Irish International Side’s just put in an order for seven of these beauties!” the proprietor of the shop told the crowd
The proprietor of Hekman's Windows is Nels Hekman, grandson of the people who established the factory
As proprietor of a magic shop, I propose we fight them.
The proprietor of the store worked at the head of his employees.

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5. proprietress

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6. landlord

The landlord used to be quite well off.
The landlord told him to leave because he hadn't paid his rent.
The landlord won't permit him to paint the door red.
How much property does the landlord own?
We were shocked when the landlord raised our rent by $200.00 a month.
The criminal robbed the landlord of a hundred thousand dollars and ran away.
Why did my sixty-year-old landlord buy a trampoline?
It became so that I had to hide from the landlord.
The landlord told me a cock and bull story about why we didn't have heat for three days.
The landlord barked at his servants.

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7. proprietorial

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8. landlady

The confidence man and his blonde call girl make a perfect match in enraging his landlady.
This lady is Masagokan's landlady, Yoko Someha.
Do you know your the future landlady?
If we pay the rent to the landlady, we won't have any money for food; we are between the devil and the deep blue sea.
Sometimes the old landlady would come by and said "That child doesn't cry", but it was that my babysitting was godly.

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