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proposer inglés:

1. propound propound

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2. propose propose

I propose that we should have another meeting.
Don't hesitate to take the opportunity to propose to her.
What do you propose?
The cultural treasures of the past, believed to be dead, are being made to speak, in the course of which it turns out that they propose things altogether different than what had been thought.
If you want a man to propose marriage, feed him well.
Is there no alternative to what you propose?
When you are with an indecisive group, confidently propose something that no one would agree to.
Propose to me conditions that are better than the ones I have now, and I'll work with you.
He proposed postponing the meeting.
The government proposed changes to the voting system.
If you propose something such as a plan or an idea, you suggest it for people to think about and decide upon
I proposed to my wife in Paris.
I proposed in Paris, then we got married the next day!
Tomek proposed to go to the cinema tonight.
I propose a short rest.

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