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1. luckless luckless

... James Forster, because that luckless youth had brought him...

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2. wretch's

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3. unhappy

She looks unhappy.
Tom's third marriage was unhappy and he was considering yet another divorce.
In his autobiography, he repeatedly refers to his unhappy school days.
Tom didn't know how unhappy Mary was.
I'd like to know why you're unhappy.
Trying to find happiness only makes you unhappy.
I was very unhappy and didn't know what to do.
Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
i'm unhappy when people get hurt
Men who are unhappy, like men who sleep badly, are always proud of the fact.
If you're unhappy with your private life, I suggest you register on Facebook. It's the best way to get rid of it.
Hot weather doesn’t just mean that people feel a little unhappy.
Barbara had a very unhappy childhood.
His unhappy childhood affected his outlook on life.
When two people are forced into a marriage of convenience, they will be an unhappy, bickering couple until the very end.

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4. unfortunates

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5. whammed

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