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fragile inglés:

1. brittle brittle

Titanium is hard but brittle
The plastic had gone brittle from sifting in the sun.
glass is brittle
As you get older your bones become increasingly brittle.
My children like brittle very much.
After being out in the wind and rain for years and years the walls of this apartment building are weather-beaten and brittle.

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2. fragile

Bjørn has always been fragile.
Could you put these fragile things in a safe place?
The Earth's climate is fragile.
He attached a "Fragile" label to the package.
All of the longing and wishes for good fortune are wrapped up in the fragile skin of the dumplings.
Flowers are so fragile and so beautiful, that you can't speak about them without poetry or metaphors.
My chest had become softer than the fig tree's fruit and my heart had become more fragile than the fig tree's leaves.
These fragile items must be insured against all risks.
I never said I was fragile.
Eileen is a fragile child - we can't send her to a regular school.
The model plane they built was fragile.
The vase is fragile. It’s made of china.
fragile ego
Please be careful with that vase – it’s very fragile!
Many fragile species are on the verge of extinction.

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