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exigeant inglés:

1. exacting

delicacy on stage belies a ferociously exacting temperament in the studio
She was an exacting woman to work for.

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2. demanding

My job is very demanding, I have to work 60-hour weeks to get everything done.
demanding boss
she is demanding teacher indeed(naprawdę)
Being a surgeon is demanding but I love it.
She's hoping to find a job which is more demanding intellectually.
The scores are low because the task is cognitively demanding.
Kate broke his heart by rudely demanding he go away.
Taking care of the excretory needs of a patient you've just met is a very demanding job.
Our teachers are very capable but also demanding.
We all like him although he is rather demanding.
he was a demanding baby, and rarely slept through the night
Those mood swings contributed to his reputation as a demanding employer.
Nevertheless, everyone knows that the road to joining the Union is a demanding one.
By night he was a demanding stranger who knew no bounds.
The man formerly known as the "priest" blessed a group of people that was formerly known as the "congregation", but could no longer be called so due to demanding technical criteria.

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3. exigent

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