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1. try try

I try.
These jeans feel too tight. May I try on another size?
I can't remember her address no matter how much I try.
Try not to spend so much time complaining about things you can't change.
Looks delicious. Think I'll try some.
To improve your fluency, you should try speaking with native speakers as often as you can.
Cats are like girls. If they talk to you it's great, but if you try to talk to them, it doesn't go so well.
A brewery we finance has made a new sweet sake and brought some to us asking us to try it.
The reason for your failure is that you did not try hard enough.
I want to try my best for as long as I am physically able to.
Your dream of becoming a baseball player will come true if you try hard.
If you give it a try, you will find this game very exciting.
I like to feel sad. I know that most people try to avoid any kind of sad feeling. But I think that is wrong.
You must think it's impossible, but could you at least give it a try?
No matter how much you try to convince people that chocolate is vanilla, it'll still be chocolate, even though you may manage to convince yourself and a few others that it's vanilla.

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2. to try on to try on

I’m going to the changing rooms to try on this shirt.
I would like to try on this blouse. Can you bring me the right size, please?

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