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1. dolly dolly

This makes possible shots that could never be achieved with a tripod or dolly, enabling the camera operator to walk among the actors freely while keeping all equipment out of the shot.

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2. trolley trolley

If you're planning to buy just a few items, there is no need to take a trolley.
I need to buy a lot. Get me a trolley, please.
A shopping trolley is comfortable to carry things in a supermarket.
In this shop the trolleys are green.
He wheeled his trolley down the aisle.
If your baggage is big and heavy use a trolley.
You can ​catch the ​number 47 trolley from the ​train ​station.
We need to take the trolley because we are going to buy lots of things.
I filled my trolley with enough food to last a month.
I going to a trolley
The children put some extra things they wanted into the shopping trolley, so their mum wasn’t happy when she found out.
When I was college, I and my friends destroyed the trolley at the supermarket.
There are three items in your trolley.
Find a trolley so we can put all our shopping in it.
My supermarket trolley had a broken wheel.

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3. trolley's trolley's

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