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1. belt belt

Since I lost a little weight, my belt got loose.
You should always wear a seat belt when you are riding in a car.
Tom hanged himself using the belt that Mary had given him.
Suddenly the plane begins to rock and the seat belt signs come on.
Please fasten your seat belt and observe the "no smoking" sign until it is turned off.
You don't have to belt, we have plenty of time. Why are you belting?
He would still be alive if he had been wearing his seat belt when the car crashed.
I wear a belt to keep my trousers up.
tighten the belt
The red belt sets off her black dress.
But for the safety belt, I wouldn't be alive today.
The Milky Way is a vast belt of distant stars, each similar to our sun.
The head of your penis is sticking out of your belt.
A tight belt will interfere with circulation of the blood.
Petrol prices have gone up again. We're going to have to tighten up our belts.

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2. girdle girdle

... focuses on his shoulder girdle and his arm.

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3. sash sash

She was wearing a red dress with a black sash.
She wore a white dress with a blue sash.

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4. waistband

The waistband has lost its elasticity and now it's all crumbly and itchy.

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5. girdle's

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