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1. obviating

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2. eschew

I eschew the word "lost" because it is too dramatic.
He eschewed nuptial ties and bedded different women:

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3. shun

Shun will take over my job while I'm away.
she was shunned by his colleagues
Why does society want one story and shun the other?
After the problems at work, my coworkers basically shunned me.
The ill man was ignored and shunned by the people from the village.
But people shunned him as if he were a disease.
she shuns working away

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4. averting

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5. to avoid

People try to avoid accidents.
I try to avoid stupid people.
Next time, I have to avoid this mistake.
to avoid the mistakes
In order to avoid any misunderstanding we have to communicate.
to avoid doing something: I think my dog would do almost anything to avoid having a bath.
he tried to avoid the answer
He's careful to avoid problems or danger.
So we can avoid the same mistakes next time. / 2. In order to avoid any misunderstanding we have to communicate. / 3. But, I mean, you can't avoid her forever.

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6. avert

Skillful diplomacy helps to avert war.
No one can avert death.

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