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1. to return to return

I'd like to return this skirt.
I would like to return this shirt. I tried it on at home and it is too small.

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Basic Verbs - Verbos Básicos

2. Go back Go back

No! I don't wanna go back to school! -I know, honey, I know... But you have to. -Why? -Because you're a teacher!
The records in the office go back ten years
I’m tired. Can we go back home now?
After lunch I go back to the kitchen.
It's late. We have to go back.
Let's go back to 2006
[It started to rain, so we decided to go back.]
I'll never go back to my old school.
Some days I wish I could go back in life. Not to change anything, but to feel a few things twice.

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activity vocab

3. to come back to come back

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In the City - En la Ciudad

4. turn back turn back

After two days we had no money and had to turn back.
We should turn back.
We should turn back
It turned out we had forgotten our passports and we had to turn back.
The weather became so bad that they had to turn back.
I really think we should turn back - it's getting dark and we're not going to get there in time. We can try again tomorrow.

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