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1. toiling toiling

I've been toiling away in the kitchen all afternoon.

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2. toil toil

All I can offer my country now is my daily toil.
He toils in the searing heat, breaking rocks into gravel.
Walter toiled in obscurity while his boss took the credit.
to toil up the mountain
Many are toiling in queues for hours, despite showing up early for flights. I was toiling about 6 years with my PhD
Our toil in the sun is a nightmare.
... characteristic resilience and hard toil, they have now vanquished...
I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.
Australians all let us rejoice for we are young and free. We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil. Our home is girt by sea.
Toil and worry caused his health to break down.
The work of art, I decided, was the final product of human activity, and the final justification for all the misery, the endless toil and the frustrated strivings of humanity.
The employees share the burden of toil.
I am exhausted with toil.

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3. labour's labour's

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