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1. village village

You may be able to pass unnoticed in a city, but in a village that's not possible.
What's the difference between a village and a town?
We drove through village after village, until we got to our destination.
in the village
The elder brother was living in a village and had grown neither rich nor poor.
The scene was a tiny mountain village in a remote section of West Virginia.
You could feed a village in Africa for the price of an iPhone subscription.
Christopher Columbus once sacrificed the corner of his hat to an Aztec god, bringing about years of prosperity to that god's village.
When we stepped off the bus we were immediately surrounded by a throng of children from the village.
Christopher Columbus once decided to burn absolutely everything in an entire village after one of the natives stole his parrot. He was disappointed that he couldn't burn their water. So he invented fluorine.
CouchSurfing is like speaking Esperanto, it's a dream coming true: the global village.
Greenwich Village is a place which especially attracts the young.
The entire village left the next day in about thirty canoes, leaving us alone with the women and children in the abandoned houses.
In my village, there is a small, narrow footbridge over a brook.
During the vacation my sister and I stayed at a small village at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

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2. people people

Most people agree.
Most people have great disinclinations to get out of bed early, even if they have to.
We're gonna make sure that no one is taking advantage of the American people for their own short-term gain.
The nonviolent actions of Martin Luther King inspired many people.
As is often the case with educated people, he likes classical music better than jazz.
I think that for many people learning the trigonometric functions is meaningless.
When we hear of a divorce we assume that it was caused by the inability of those two people to agree upon fundamentals.
He prefers plain, simple people, for he is plain and simple himself.
Medical helicopters take very sick people to hospitals.
He would often talk about the people he had lived among while he was in Africa.
Airplanes enable people to travel great distances rapidly.
People devised shelters in order to protect themselves.
This is a time of year when people get together with family and friends to observe Passover and to celebrate Easter.
Notice the hands of the people you meet and you will be surprised to see how different and how interesting they are.
Wolves won't usually attack people.

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