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1. to skate to skate

I love to skate on the frozen lake in winter.
I like to skate on ice.

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2. skid skid

To some extent, you can control the car in a skid.
The car skidded on ice.
The truck took a skid after a couple of blocks.
Unfortunately, I lost control and my car skidded across to the other side of the road.
The car skidded on the patch of oil and crashed into the tree.
I skidded when I was driving off a highway.
Yeah, just wait until we start spinning and skidding.
if you skid while you are driving, your vehicle slides uncontrollably, for example because you have tried to stop too quickly when it is icy or muddy
Your car unexpectedly skids on a large oil slick.
I gave him the can but unfortunately it suddenly dropped out of his hand and we skidded.
... where they began as skid roads.

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