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1. resembled

The girl resembled her mother.
I had a nagging feeling that the atmosphere resembled somebody and, now that you mention it, yes, you're right. Certainly ZZ TOP had this kind of feel.

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2. like

I like candlelight.
A society without religion is like a ship without a compass.
My what a narrow waist! Her face is small, she really looks just like a doll!
I considered doing something like blocking edits based on a blacklist.
Some people like classical music, while others like popular music.
In order to get a better look at that picture, I'd like to get a little closer.
A drunkard is somebody you don't like and who drinks as much as you do.
I like this picture, not just because it is famous, but because it really is a masterpiece.
Computers are certainly playing an important role in our life, whether we like it or not.
The policeman stood like a statue with his arms folded across his chest.
Your English is grammatically correct, but sometimes what you say just doesn't sound like what a native speaker would say.
Can we really learn to speak a foreign language like a native?
Our city's transport problems are minor when measured against capitals like London and New York.
Don't you think it's rude to give people such a curt reply like that?

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3. akin

What he felt was more akin to pity than love.
He said something akin to what you're saying.
Their music is more akin to that of the Beatles thn to the Spice Girls.
My parents were akin, probably half cousins.
We two are more akin than any others in this land.
... you grow up is akin to saying that you...
Pity is akin to love.
This problem is akin to the one we had last year.
Freedom is akin to the rarified air of a mountain top. Weak men cannot bear one or the other.
The singing of the local birds is akin to the sound of a drill.

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4. similar

The important point to note is that both parties offered similar solutions to this problem.
If you take a close look, you'll find that your friends and you have similar personalities.
NASA says three of 22 space missions that carried generators similar to Galileo's ended in accidents.
similar to
When Chokichi thought listlessly about this winter, and the similar winter before and the one before that, he vividly experienced the fact that as people grow older, they gradually lose their happiness.
As far as restaurants, canteens, cafeterias or similar things are concerned, "feedback" may be the wrong word.
Saxophonists often double on flutes, which have similar fingerings to their primary instruments.
Our engineers compared this information with similar products being sold in Japan and concluded that they might compete very well.
We encounter similar difficulties when we substitute rectangles for triangles in this configuration.
It's possible that the drinking water has chlorine, lead, or similar contaminants in it.
Pepperberg hoped that a similar system would help Alex grasp the meaning of words, not just their sounds.
A display, aka monitor, is an appliance that displays video signal of still images and moving pictures produced by a computer or similar device.
As a similar feature it is noted that students engaged in fund-raising activities rarely contribute money they have earned themselves.
Something which is similar to something else has many things the same, although it is not exactly the same.

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