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1. assemble

It is rather difficult to assemble a watch.
Do you need instructions on how to assemble this model?
The factory now under construction will assemble 3,000 VCR units per day.
We are going to assemble this kit-set furniture and refurbish the living room!
Pipe fitter assemble the pipes.
U. S army assembled a parachute regiment to jump behind enemy lines
We assemble a belt conveyor.
At Kuroda Primary School we assemble at a prearranged time and go to school as a group.
I assembled a silo in Zębiec for our client who is producer of bulk material.
my new machine is being assembled and my old one dismantled
We don't assemble drum coolers, because we don't have time to do it.
Fish assemble in groups which have no leaders.
increasingly, cars are being assembled by robots rather than humans
If you are smart and open minded, you will assemble a team during the test running of your idea because few will see potential in your idea and will want to be part of it.
By a staff meeting is meant that when all the members of the staff assemble to discuss certain matters of importance.

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2. to ride

It's hard work learning to ride a bicycle

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