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1. madding

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2. mad

You're driving me mad
You're mad to walk home alone at night. Were your parents mad at you when you came home late?
drive somebody mad
if you go mad, you behave in a wild and uncontrolled way, doing things you do not normally let yourself do

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3. crazy

You must be crazy
You must be crazy!
You're crazy!
my sister is crazy
szalony, zwariowany

adj. calif. I
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4. madman

A madman sees what he sees.

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5. locoweed

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6. zany

They think that all you need is the zany story. That may sound zany, but in fact it makes sense.
Who's that zany jerk?
[adjective] - INFORMAL- strange, surprising or crazy in a humorous way
a zany character/idea/film
strange, surprising, or uncontrolled in a humorous way e.g. a zany film

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