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1. scrub

We have to scrub this party.
The crew member scrubbed the deck of the ship to remove the sand and salt
The scrub, with its low trees and bushes, was a perfect place to shoot pheasants.
You have to cut down those scrubs in front of our house.
They scrubbed the plan due to the lack of resources.
All scrubs in our garden withered.
Mate, you fell in love with the biggest scrub in town.
Their dog is not a purebred but a scrub.
... actually pay someone to scrub my social media feeds,...
As a punishment, the disgraced Greenpeace volunteer had to scrub oil from an otter's fur with his own toothbrush.

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2. scour

Law enforcement units scour Grafton trails for missing man.
I have scoured the newspapers, but I can not find any mention of it.
Jake scoured auction sales for the furniture they needed.
Traders were scouring the villages for family treasures...
Diane is a shopaholic. She can spend all day shopping, scouring through the shop shelves.
Search engines that scour the web, such as Google and
Hobbyist drones are getting cheaper and more capable by the month, and more and more manned military craft are being replaced by enormous, powerful and deadly drones that can scour the skies far longer than any traditional craft.

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