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exterior inglés:

1. outward

One cannot judge people only by their outward appearances.
What outward signs of stress has she?
The outward-opening windows can be fitted with different types of hinges.
exophthalmos (eyes [bulging] outward)

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2. outer

How do you find food in outer space?
I want to go to outer space.
Have you thought about exploring outer space?
All the outer walls should be painted dusky pink.
What is the opposite of "outer"? The opposite of "outer" is inner.
/ˈaʊ.tər/ outer London the outer ​lane of the ​motorway
Isn't it the mind that translates the outer condition into happiness and suffering?
the outer walls
It's not as if an emissary from outer space will have slipped into school uniform and be loitering around seeking a partner.
The first photos of the Earth taken from outer space captured the imagination of an entire generation.

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