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1. deliver

They deliver purchases over $50 for free.
This parcel was delivered by post.
When can you deliver the goods?
When will they deliver our new sofa?
dağıtmak(mektup vs)

Basic Verbs - Verbos Básicos
Betty week 1
Week 5 Level 3
500 most important Spanish verbs 226 - 250
-gar cambian a "gu" (1st. person singular) pretéri...

2. hand in

When James was at university he always used to hand in his essays on time.
When i hand in my papers at the endof an exam i feel relieved that it's over.
give homework/assignments to you teacher
if you hand in something such as your homework, you give it to your teacher. If you hand in your resignation or your notice, you tell your employer that you are going to leave your job
‘Please hand in your homework tomorrow,’ said the teacher.

Basic Phrasal Verbs - Verbos Preposicionales Basícos
Verbos preposicionales básicos - Basic phrasal verbs
Week 11 Level 2

3. handover

[noun] - the giving of control of or responsibility for something to somebody else
detailed timetable for the handover of combat duties to Afghan troops

palabras varias
Hong Kong security tightened as top Chinese offici...
Phrasal verbs

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