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1. Plug Plug

The plug doesn't work.
I'm out of plug. I've gotta get some.
... forgot to say our plug.
I'd give anything for a plug.
My nose was bleeding and I plugged it with cotton wool.
Why pay if we can get a plug on that show?
When we want to fill the bath with water, we should put the plug in. When we finish taking a bath, we should pull the plug out.
Try wearing protective clothing next time – and maybe a nose plug too!
... but I love to stay plugged into what's going on with my family,...
I will ask a plumber to plug the hole in this pipe.
You are acting as a 'plug' to stop the blood escaping. The pressure you provide will help stop the bleeding and clot the blood.
How long can you use your mobile phone before you have to put the plug into the socket to charge the batteries?
We managed to stop the roof leaking by plugging the whole with a cork material. She was terribly angry when she discovered that there was no plug in the sink.
A cheaper range of products was introduced to plug the gap at the lower end of the market.
Did you know that if you plug a pickle into an electrical outlet, it glows and makes buzzing noises?

2. outlet outlet

He needs a more productive outlet for his anger.
Where can I find an outlet for all my anger?
Most of the sales are through traditional retail outlets.
I spilled jam on the electric outlet and there was a short circuit.
Playing baseball is an outlet for energy.
The small retail outlet is only a front for a much larger entity.
Gary found an outlet for his energy in playing football.
Did you know that if you plug a pickle into an electrical outlet, it glows and makes buzzing noises?
Todd: Exactly, social outlet.
There was an outlet from the water tank into the drain.
the skower outlet is clogged
I buy most of my clothes at outlets
She works in a designer clothing outlet store.
Some children, if they do not have sufficient outlet fot their energies, through such activities as sport, have a tendency to become somewhat violent in their behaviour.
There was jam in the electric outlet.