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1. sport sport

I do sports.
Rugby is a sport which is never called off by rain.
He does not care for any sport involving team work or quick responses to other players.
Powerlifting is a sport in which athletes compete to lift the maximum sum weight of the three heavy weight events, squat, bench press and deadlift.
The advent of indoor tanning salons now allows Canadians to sport a sun-kissed look all year round.
The point we must clarify here is that the lines between amateur and professional in sport are beginning to disappear.
The introduction of video replays to sport was a surprisingly fundamental change.
Sport is frankly mimic warfare.
A lot of sport clubs are still burdened by a monumental amount of debt. The worst thing about it, is that some of them are clubs that play a heavy role in leagues; clubs like Barcelona and Chelsea, and others more, are on the list that goes on and on.
Nordic combined is one of the winter sport events, a competition where you compete on the combination of two Nordic style ski events - cross country skiing and ski jumping.
Wolę sporty drużynowe, takie jak rugby lub piłka nożna, od sportów indywidualnych.
Jeden na trzech Norwegów aktywnie uprawia sport.
Playing baseball is a sport, and climbing mountains is a sport, too.
To doskonałe miejsce do uprawiania sportów zimowych.
Moim ulubionym sportem jest piłka nożna.

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