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1. closed closed

I had no sooner closed the door than somebody started knocking on it.
They closed down the ferry service since it was no longer economical.
Tom closed his diary after writing about that day's events.
Tom closed his umbrella and put it in the umbrella rack near the door.
Subject closed.
There's no hope at this moment that the closed section will be reopened.
With a high, closed collar, figure-hugging cut, and large slits at either side of a straight skirt, the qipao is unique in its ability to communicate both modesty and sensuousness.
The factory is closed for refurbishment and will re-open on 1st September 2007.
He who looks from outside through an open window never sees as much as he who looks at a closed window.
Can you keep standing on one of your legs with closed eyes for a minute?
But I am convinced that in order to move forward, we must say openly the things we hold in our hearts, and that too often are said only behind closed doors.
Do you know where my key is? I don't see it anywhere. "You must be looking for it with your eyes closed, then, cause it's on the table as always."
The supermarkets are now closed, so we'll have to make do with what is left in the refrigerator.
After a long dispute the coal mines closed and the remaining miners were paid off.

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2. enclosed

Please find enclosed documents.
Enclosed is our company profile.
I have enclosed your order form.
She enclosed a little dark chocolate in her valentine.
He has a fear of enclosed spaces.
Many residential squares have enclosed gardens.
Three lucky members of the crew will be able to move out into what looks like a large enclosed sand-pit.
The site of the condominium is enclosed with stakes.
As agreed, please find enclosed the updated contract.
I would like to order one coffee machine (Model 25-A) and have enclosed your order form.
Enclosed is a copy of the bank transfer receipt.
His letter enclosed a picture.
Her house is enclosed with a white fence.
She sent me the enclosed check.

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